Tips For Eating Out While Sticking To Your Nutrition Plan

So you have an outing planned at a restaurant, but you want to stick to your dietary and nutrition goals. Breathe easy -- eating out and staying healthy at the same time might require some forethought, but it surely is far from impossible. Regardless of what sort of diet plan you have laid out, there are some important tips that you must keep in mind to make good decisions and still enjoy your restaurant outing. With this in mind, read on and abide by the tips in this healthy eating article. 

Only Eat The Entree And Only Drink Water

If you are going to eat out at a restaurant, you should have it in your mind that the only meal you are eating is the main course. This means to avoid temptations to snack on appetizers or order dessert. Further, make sure you drink water so you are not taking in empty calories and sugar. Ordering soda, lemonade, fruit punch or alcoholic beverages will not only cause you to spend more money, but it will also add on useless calories quicker than most food items can.

Don't Be Afraid To Put In Special Orders

Most restaurants in this day and age are more than happy to accommodate any kind of special request that you might have. For example, if a meal comes with a salad and a choice of potato, most restaurants will be more than happy to give you two salads, or allow you to make up for the carb-filled potato with other vegetable options. If this is the case, load up on healthy, leafy greens whenever possible. This will not only help you get full quicker, it gives you the vitamins and nutrients that you need to eat while still enjoying healthy decisions.

Choose Good Carbs

Carbohydrates have become a bit of an ugly word in the healthy eating circle, but they don't have to be all bad if you choose the right types. Many restaurants will offer you as many breadsticks, rolls or biscuits that you can eat. Skip the floury selections and instead choose whole-grain forms of carbohydrates. These whole grains burn slower and are less likely to be turned into fat, while giving you plenty of energy.

Plan Your Lunches And Dinners

Perhaps the best thing you can do to eat healthy at a restaurant takes place for the entirety of the day before even getting to the restaurant. Eat a healthy and nutritious lunch and breakfast so that not only are you not famished by the time you get to the restaurant, you are already mentally preparing to eat healthy. This way, you don't make starve-based decisions and your stomach will be full enough to not have to order the biggest entrée in sight.

Keep these healthy tips in mind and you should have a good time ordering at any restaurant, while still sticking to your healthy virtues.