Milkshake Ideas For Kids' Birthday Parties

For your child's next birthday party, consider treating the young guests to custom-made milkshakes rather than a traditional cake. Kids can have fun making their own shakes with their favorite ingredients. 

Having a restaurant-style milkshake machine, such as from DSL Northwest, Inc., will make the task easier, so consider investing in on before the celebration. The machines are typically made of chrome, and can whip of ice cream and any mix-in you'd like, such as nuts or fruit, into a creamy confection. You can also use a milkshake machine to make malts, smoothies, health drinks and frozen coffee treats.

Prior to the party, set up a milkshake station, complete with bowls of toppings, fresh milk and several different ice cream flavors, including vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Serve the shakes in fun, festive cups that the party-goers can take home as favors at the end of the event. 

If any of the kids have dairy allergies, include soy or coconut milk ice cream and milk so that they can partake in the sweet festivities. Another healthier option, which will make a lighter, fruitier shake, is fruit sorbet or sherbet. 

Here are some birthday party-inspired milkshake ideas to get you started:

Birthday Cake Shake

On your son or daughter's big day, provide their guests with all of the makings of a birthday cake shake. They can start with vanilla ice cream, and then blend in cake pieces and milk. Top the frothy creations with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. 

Cotton Candy Shake

Combine two of kids' favorite treats, ice cream and cotton candy, into one drinkable dessert. Provide the party-goers with vanilla ice cream, a mix of blue and pink cotton candy, and milk, and allow them to top the frozen treats with more cotton candy or whipped cream. To cut down on some of the sugar, consider serving light or sugar-free ice cream.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake

Most children love the peanut butter and chocolate combination, especially when it's blended into ice cream. To make these shakes, the guests will need chocolate ice cream, creamy peanut butter and milk. Milkshake toppings include chocolate chips or sprinkles, or even mini peanut butter sandwich cookies. 

Frozen Banana Shake 

If you're looking for a healthier alternative to traditional milkshakes, but still want to give the kids a sweet treat, start with ripe, frozen bananas. Blend the fruit with milk, vanilla extract or even unsweetened cocoa powder for an all-natural, decadent dessert. 

Kids can top their banana shakes with whipped cream and cherries.