Music, Theater, And Flights: Cool Dining Experiences

Even the most gourmand people will admit that eating out can be a bit tiresome if you go to the same places over and over. There are only so many farm to table restaurants that you can go to. And even the most savvy reader of local food blogs will run out of quaint, hidden, "it" spots to hit week after week. So, what is the average person to do with their nights out if even the most dedicated foodies have trouble finding interesting spots to eat? Well, a great option is to extend the category of places that you might want to go to. These include places that are not traditionally thought of as places you would see on a restaurant list. With that idea in mind, here are a bunch of places to look at.

Live Music Restaurant Bar

One fun thing you could try is a restaurant that has live music. You can find live music bars ranging from fun honky-tonks to laid back jazz clubs. If you're more in the mood for some light food, similar to what you'd find in a a bar, as opposed to an opulent sit down meal, then these are perfect. You can also find Latin-themed restaurants where you might have a band playing authentic music (anything from mariachis to other bands).

Dinner Theater

Another cool idea would be to look into a nearby dinner theater. These are a nice mix between a Broadway show and a sit down meal. You will find local theaters that offer everything from musicals and comedies to dramas. Many places will offer something that is either a spin on a famous Broadway play, or it might even be a touring show that is based off of a classic play (think something such as Our Town).

Flights Of Beer At A Brewpub

Finally, if you're the type who loves to try new beers, then you should definitely look into hitting up a brewpub. These places are a great way to try a number of beers and also enjoy some really nice food. You will get the opportunity to get a flight, which is a a few different beers served in small servings. These bars will often serve up cool food, such as burgers or artisan style pizzas (the fancy types of pizza you see where they are more similar to classic Roman or Neapolitan style pizzas).